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There are many ways to make your spa unique and memorable, leaving nothing to chance.

Dressing your professionals with style and elegance means offering an all-round wellness experience. Dressing them in comfortable, safe clothing is the epitome of reliability and responsibility.

100%YOU uniforms for wellness teams is a line developed for those working in spas, introducing a new idea of comfort, design and safety.

The technological characteristics and performance of 100%YOU fabrics, tested and approved in the healthcare sector, have now also been made available to professionals working in the wellness sector.

Personalise your team

The 100%YOU uniforms for wellness teams line includes the TECH line and the OKIMONO line in standard colours: white, blue, black and green.

The design of our clothes adds a touch of unique elegance to your spa, but it is also possible to personalise the uniforms based on your needs!

LOGO – It is possible to embroider or apply personalised logos.

COLOUR – It is possible to request a specific colour in line with your brand identity.

MODEL – As well as the standard models in the various lines, we can modify or create new ones according to your needs.

If you want to personalise our 100%YOU garments, fill in the form below and we will consider every request.

Certified Safety

The garments in the Wellness line from 100%YOU have received the following certifications:

Personal Protective Equipment category I (PPE)
Reg. (EU) 2016/425 – Annex I – Cat. I, lett. b)

Medical Device class I
Reg. (EU) 2017/745 (MDR)

Easy to maintain, they dry in 1 hour at an average ambient temperature of 22°. Read all the maintenance and durability features here.

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