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1OO%YOU is an R&D project from bbspa_Group, an international consulting firm that has been involved in design, development and innovation in the Wellness&Spa sector for almost 30 years.

The pioneering nature of its constant search for innovation and solutions has pushed the Group to develop this product in collaboration with CAMAC, a leading company in Italy in the research and development of product, manufacturing and business innovations in fashion and other related sectors.

Our MISSION is to design solutions for clothing that are comfortable and safe for people’s health.

Our VISION is to simplify the workday for those working in spas and healthcare facilities, where the biological risk is very high.

Research and development Made in Italy

Our R&D department has used 100% polypropylene for the first time, in an intelligent way, for work uniforms.

Our process of creating the fabric and the tailoring for the clothing has been patented.

Polypropylene is a synthetic plastic, obtained from oil fractions. From a chemical point of view, it is a thermoplastic polymer made from propylene.

It is therefore not a fabric, but it can be produced as a fibre, and therefore has applications in the textiles industry, as well as being used as a plastic for accessories, objects for food, packaging, design, industrial purposes, etc.

It has a very low environmental impact, as it produces no forms of pollution, either chemical or thermal.

Its use for garments is also validated by the material’s specific weight: it is the lightest fibre that exists, and the only one that floats: 0.91g/cm3, compared with cotton, which weighs 1.52g/cm3, and wool, at 1.32g/cm3.

Virtuous production process

No solvents or acids are used, as is the case for viscose, triacetate, nylon and polyester.

No pesticides or herbicides are used, as is the case for cotton.

There is no need for high-temperature washes.

It produces no wastewater from washing, or from chemical bleaching processes, as is the case for cotton.

No pollution, either thermal, chemical, or atmospheric.

It allows production scraps to be regenerated into printable materials that can be recycled again.

NOTE: to produce a t-shirt in polypropylene, it takes 0.6 litres of water. To produce it in cotton, it uses 2700 litres!

Innovative and revolutionary

Every garment from the 100%YOU collection has the following characteristics:

  • Hygienic, antibacterial and antiviral
  • Breathable, anti-odour and thermo-regulating
  • 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Light, convenient and comfortable
  • Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable

100%YOU garments are easy to maintain: they can be washed and dried in very little time, and there is no need to iron them (if desired, a cool iron is recommended).

On average, they dry in 1 hour at an average ambient temperature of 22°.

They can be dry cleaned (standard method), or washed in warm water and bleached with chlorine.

Do not tumble dry. They can be washed and reused over 100 times, maintaining the same performance.

They do not need to be tracked as special waste, but simply put in the plastic recycling.

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