Global spa consultancy bbspa_Group has announced the arrival of 1OO% YOU – uniforms for wellness teams, an antiviral spa uniform collection designed to be durable, safe, fashionable and eco-friendly.

The chic range is blended out of a natural yarn called polypropylene which creates a light synthetic material that is antibacterial, waterproof and can easily be disposed of in plastic waste once no longer of use.

Designed by stylist Christine Vignoli, the collection is available in six sizes in various colours for both men and women. All garments are officially certified as PPE.

CEO Régis Boudon-Doris explained the new line is “inspired by the need to equip operators in the beauty, wellness and spa sectors with safe and comfortable professional clothing, especially in light of COVID-19”.

The range was also designed to answer the demand for durable spa uniforms which minimise waste and environmental impact.

The fabric is moth-proof, mould-proof, hypoallergenic, anti-odour and stain proof, meaning washing only requires 10 minutes of immersion in cold water.

bbspa_Group guarantees the pieces will retain colour for 10 years and have a minimum of 365 uses in them. In Boudon-Doris’ opinion, they offer a comfortable and breathable uniform option for spa and wellness professionals.

bbspa_Group is also harnessing polypropylene to produce linen for treatment tables and a separate uniform collection for healthcare professionals, called 1OO% YOU – uniforms for medical teams.




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